"manifest your vision and be the boss of your mission"

Hustle is to have a relentless ambition and to work hard. Working hard is to hustle all day long. Hustle means going all out, everyday, until your reach your breaking point - and then continuing on because hustle don't break. Your hustle is your engine. It's the one thing responsible for forward progress against friction. if you'd like to be more successful, I invite you to discover how to hustle.

   A Visionary is a person who produces an outcome based on thoughts and goals that once only resided in their minds. A Visionary is the one who takes action to make the vision become a reality. You must understand that a visionary does, in fact, have vision upon which their actions are based. A visionary doesn't do things for the sake of doing them; rather they make very calculated decisions which will succeed in fulfilling their vision.

Visionary Hustler

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