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Kardell Sims is the founder and owner of Visionary Hustler LLC, a company that engineers their clients for greatness and success. A Master Certified Empowerment Life Coach, Consultant,  Author, and Speaker who teaches how to manifest your vision  and be the boss of your mission by getting out of your own way.

After doing two extensive sentences in state and federal prison Kardell Sims transformed his life from convicted felon to certified entrepreneur, inmate to inspiration. He is also the founder and president of NORTH(Northside Organization Reinventing The Honor) an non-profit organization that creates an equitable community through affordable real estate while reinventing the honor in the neighborhood he once destroyed during his criminal lifestyle. Kardell Sims is a native of Sedalia, Mo and pours his time into helping people get out of their own way.

"My mission here at Visionary Hustler LLC is to help people become engineered for greatness and designed for success by making informed choices to improve their lives and business. I motivate and inspire others to attain personal and professional fulfillment."